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Goodluck Ayurveda Slim Formula For Slim Fit Body Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Loss

  • Quantity: 200
  • Form: Syrup
  • Ayush License Number: 932-ISM(HR)
  • Treatment: General Wellness
  • Goodluck Ayurveda Slim Formula For Slim Fit Body GOODLUCK SLIM FORMULA is an astonishing meal replacement phenomenon which has everything improved from marketing, to making. It is a refined product made to satisfy the conditions of everyone who wish to be slim in minimum number of days. It is natural and enriched with all kinds of minerals including fibers. The major contents in GOODLUCK SLIM FORMULA The vital content of all meal replacement formulas in the main is protein itself, and it is in every terms the essential content to keep the users dynamic, and active. Heavy use of chemicals can be traced in the meal replacement products these days, and GOODLUCK SLIM FORMULA stands as an exception to the point. In addition to the proteins the product is so rich in dietary fibers which play a crucial role in bringing out the energy from food. The work pattern of GOODLUCK SLIM FORMULA The food we ate in must be converted into energy in a right way, hence slim formula as a health supplement work on this principle so effectively. All the unwanted fats in the body gets turned into energy by the use of GOODLUCK SLIM FORMULA. It has proved the effectiveness from young person to old ones. No food items can give us complete minerals and vitamins in a single package as SLIM FORMULA do. So it has become an universally accepted formula in less time, and the reviews from certified users highlight the point.
  • Specifications
    • Goodluck Ayurveda
    Model Name
    • Slim Formula For Slim Fit Body
    Ayush License Number
    • 932-ISM(HR)
    • General Wellness
    • 200
    Food Preference
    • Vegetarian
    • Syrup
    Pack of
    • 1
    Prescription Required
    • No
    • 100% Ayurvedic SLIM FORMULA is so less in cost when we compare its effectiveness in trimming and vitalizing human body.
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    Net Quantity
    • 200